These little sweeties are amazing non-shed small dogs. They all have unique personalities and have been just so much fun to have around. We'll be sorry to see them go.... except of course for 'clean up duty' after 5 puppies.

ONLY 1 LEFT (Benny)

They were born on November 11, so they are ready to go anytime.
They are family raised (we?re not breeders), and we love them dearly, so will be ensuring any potential buyers are suitable as their new family. This is our Yorkie?s third litter. It?s been a lot of fun every time her and Tyson make cutest puppies that grow into just as cute dogs.
They?ve been around all kinds of people - kids, adults, men, women and love everyone.
Males: $550
Females: $650
About the parents
Our Yorkie (Lexi), the mom, is 5/6 Yorkie and is about 7-8 lbs.
The dad (Tyson) is Biewer Yorkie/Yorkie and about the same weight - about 7-8lbs.
Biewer Yorkie is a European breed of Yorkie that has a beautiful tri-color coat. This coloring is similar to a traditional Yorkie, but a bit darker in the back, and has a few more highlights. (See pictures)
About the sweethearts
For now, we?ve given our babies temporary names . It?s more fun to care for and play with them when you can call them by a name. In keeping with family tradition, we?ve named them after vehicles. After all, who wouldn?t love to be able to say ?I?ve got a Shelby Cobra at home?. (Lexi, the mom = Lexus)
3 Females
Evette [Corvette],
Shelby [Shelby Cobra]
Bug [Volkswagen ?punch buggy?]
2 Males
Benny [Bentley]
Marti [Austin Martin]
Evette (female) (SOLD) is tiny-weenie and super smart. She likes to sit back and watch things, until SHE is ready to play, then watch out? she?s ready to take on the whole pack.
Shelby (female) (SOLD) is very pretty. She got her mom?s beautiful blonde face and she loves to play.
Bug (female) (SOLD) loves to cuddle, but is ready to play anytime. She?s got a cute little ?teddy bearish? face and amazing colors.
Benny (male) (On Hold until 3:00pm Thursday) is a big softy. He?s probably the most lovable in the whole lot. He?s the first one to greet you and he LOVES to have his chin scratched. He?ll fall asleep in your lap anytime you let him.
Marti (male) (SOLD) loves to run. He is super curious about everything and never stops exploring. Sometimes he runs so fast, he can?t stop on the linoleum and bumps into the wall.
Picture InformationPic 1: Group photo of the whole litter playing in their ?house?
Pic 2: Evette (SOLD)
Pic 3: Shelby (SOLD)
Pic 4: Bug (SOLD)
Pic 5: Benny (On hold until 3:00pm Thursday Jan 19)
Pic 6: Marti (SOLD)
Pic 7: Evette Peeking out her window
Pic 8: Mom and Dad ? (Lexi on right, Tyson on Left)
Pic 9: The "Girls" (Left to right: Bug, Evette, Shelby)
Pic 10: Peek-a-"Bug"
Extra's included:
Vet checked - clean bill of health
first shots
preventative deworming
docked tails
dewclaws removed
take home starter package:
Some of the food they've been eating
puppy training pads
their favorite toy
small piece of home[blanket] to help ease the transition to their new home.
Michelle, Jayson, or Danielle
for more information.
780-998- (home)
780-441- (cell)